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Mola colletion x 24
Gunadule (Colombian and Panamá)

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Each mola is original and unique. Please choose it according to the reference. The reference photo is the Mola that you will receive.

Collection of 24 molas (7 with geometric figures and 17 with animal figures)

The mola is the most representative symbolic expression of the indigenous people Gunadule, also known as Guna (in Castilian), Kunas (in Panama), and Tules (in Colombia), who currently live in Panama and Colombia.

The word means butterfly and it was named this way because of the variety of colors she has. According to the tradition, the geometric designs that are shown on this art mean the protection of the nature spirits.

This writing form that was elaborated by the Guna grandmothers and mothers, indicate the evolution that the culture has reached and also the knowledge that the wise men and women have recreated in connection with the nature.

The designs geometrically, zoomorphic and anthropomorphic, give us a wealth of information from their meanings.

The molas were manufactured by:

Ref-1: Teodolinda Santacruz (37x30 cm)
Ref-2: Teodolinda Santacruz (35x30 cm)
Ref-3: Yunelis (36x31 cm)
Ref-4: Olivia (40x27 cm)
Ref-5: Yuleidis (32x42 cm)
Ref-6: Olivia (31x35 cm)
Ref-7: Nandi (33x44 cm)

Molas money goes directly to the community and a percentage is used to fund our environmental preservation projects.

Thank you very much.

More information about our partnership with the community Gunadule and Prof. Dr. ABADIO GREEN here


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Mola Geo

Mola Geo

Mola colletion x 24
Gunadule (Colombian and Panamá)